This Huggies Ad Will Touch Your Heart

Life is quite meaningless if our eyes can’t perceive the grace and beauty of the world. But for blind people who appreciate what they have, they put light to the darkness they see and widen their perspective about living. When they make use of their four remaining senses at optimum, they can visualize things beyond what our eyes could see.

Blind mothers wish they could actually see their babies growing. Nevertheless, having the chance to smell their tiny fingers and to caress their tuft of healthy hair is all that is important for them to see what God has bestowed upon them.

Tatiana is a blind pregnant woman who is pretty much excited to finally carry her baby. She couldn’t even see her baby boy on the ultrasound. Yet, her doctor helped her depict her baby boy’s features. She imagines that his nose “looks like a little potato”.

With the help of Huggies, Tatiana was able to see her baby even before he was born. And you can just imagine the joy in her eyes.

What is your experience with your pregnancy? Please share for others to learn and know

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