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What is Beta HCG? Its Role in Pregnancy & Normal Beta HCG Levels

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Empowered by Trump, Ohio DESTROYS Reproductive Rights with the new “Heartbeat Bill”

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This video is a must watch for all parents. Whether you’re expecting your first baby or have been blessed with many children. The technology that will let us watch a 3D ultrasound is mind blowing. The amazing thing, however, is to watch how two tiny cells grow into a child, with his/her own personality. The miracle of birth is so wonderful it will bring tears to your eyes. Too often the baby is forgotten when we think about pregnancy. We think of it as a female condition, not the amazing life affirming miracle it truly is. The bond of mother and child grows as the baby grows. In the beginning, it is only hers. Her beautiful, special secret. Soon she will tell the father and it will be ... »

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When using our pregnancy calculator and clicking “read more,” you will get access to a variety of useful information. For example, you’ll get an idea of what is happening to your child during your current pregnancy week. You’ll also get a sense of their approximate birthday and what to expect on that day.

However, you’ll also receive some interesting information that may surprise you. For example, you’ll learn about your baby’s astrological sign and how it is supposed to influence their personality. While hardly medical, this is simply a fun little detail for mothers and fathers to consider.

More excitingly, you’ll also know when to anticipate hearing your baby’s first heart beat! This piece of knowledge offers you the touching ability to hear your child start to gain their first bit of independence and become a growing child. Listening to it for the first time is often a moment that parents never forget.

Other useful information you’ll receive from our calculator includes the beginning and end of your trimesters. This knowledge helps make it easier for you to gauge a baby’s development and your passage through the miracle of pregnancy. You’ll also get a short blurb about the relevant details of your current pregnancy week.

That last bit of information can even be expanded by clicking on any of the various pregnancy week articles. These informative and well-written articles give a multi-faceted look at how you and your child are changing during pregnancy. It also provides useful information that you have to know about your week of pregnancy.

What Each Article on Your Pregnancy Week Features

Each pregnancy week article contains a variety of detailed information that should give you a good idea of where you stand. For example, you’ll get a feel for how visibly pregnant you should be at that stage.

You’ll also get information on what is happening to your body, such as regular cramps, excessive hunger, health problems that may occur, and advice on treatment for these challenges. You’ll also get an analysis of how your baby is changing inside of you.

The latter information is broken down into various specializations. For example, there are size comparisons to give you a visual of their growth, discussions of how their body is improving, what new items are growing on their body, the amount of blood they pump, and other interesting facts. For example, did you know that your baby’s skin will be translucent for at least four months of your pregnancy?

Last, but not least, you’ll get some tips on how to best handle that particular period of your pregnancy. For example, you’ll receive advice on how to sleep better at night, foods that help your baby grow, and guidelines on how to create a good birth plan. The idea here is to build a helpful and comprehensive guide that gives you a good start on caring for your special bundle during this crucial period.

Important Information to Consider

Remember that this website is not designed to take the place of medical professionals. While all the information contained here is well-reseached and accurate, it shouldn’t be used to self-diagnose problems or pregnancy concerns. The information we present is general and may not apply to all pregnant women.