Best Body Pillows for Pregnancy in 2017

Pregnancy pillows offer moms-to-be increased comfort and support not just for sleeping, but for daytime activities such as reading and watching television. These pillows are even useful for nursing after childbirth, placing both the mother and the baby in the proper position to prevent back strain.

Most pillows have a lot in common, like the need to fluff it and give it some recovery time when you first open the box. Removable, washable covers are also typical features. But what makes pregnancy pillows different from each other are actually the various design features of the pillow itself.

Here are ten of the best pregnancy pillows reviewed in 2017:

1. Earthlite Pregnancy Cushion


This is the one pregnancy pillow that’s going to let you do what you’ve been itching to do… lie on your stomach. Originally designed for your neighbourhood masseuse, it’s a comfy block of foam with one cutout for your pregnant belly and another for chest placement. It’s a bit of an event to change positions once you’re in it, but many mothers find the “ah-h” factor makes it worth it.

2. Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow


U-shaped pillows are designed to support you front and back simultaneously. Mindful that women are different heights, the Comfort U is conveniently available in two sizes. The “full” size is 68 inches long and the “petite” is 48 inches in length. Known for being both soft and flexible, this pillow requires daily fluffing to maintain its shape. Its most unique feature, however, is a technology called Fusion Fibers. These coated polymer coils slide easily around each other, letting you forego the lumpiness that often makes pillows uncomfortable. This high-tech fill also withstands very high temperatures, so it dries quickly in the dryer and is clean and ready for use again.

3. Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow


The Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort pillow is made to follow a pregnant woman’s curves. Under your head is a large and rectangular shaped cushion similar to the standard pillow configuration you’re used to. Your shoulders will benefit from the Shoulder Comfort System, a special supportive section you snuggle your shoulder into rather than having to contend with more common square edges. Not simply a u-shaped tube, the Cozy Comfort cushions you directly under your belly and leg, with an inside curve supporting your back. As for density, most moms-to-be report a pillowy softness rather than a memory foam-like feel. If you prefer a softer pillow, this level of supportiveness may be perfect for you.

4. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow


The Leachco Back ‘N Belly pillow has a unique hourglass-shaped curve on the inside of the U. This allows the pillow to curve toward you in a fashion that supports your back and tummy simultaneously rather than your having to lean to one side. This unusual shape also helps you align your hips into a more neutral position, relieving pressure so you can sleep more comfortably. To change sides you simply rotate. There’s no need to reposition the pillow when you turn since the sides are a mirror image of each other. This pillow does take up a lot of space, even on a queen bed. But at 51″ long it can be quite comfortable for mothers who like to tuck their knees up when on their side and still have their feet free of the pillow.

5. Oversized – Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow


The Total Body Pregnancy Pillow is a basic tube which you can manipulate into a variety of positions. It has an end to end measurement of about 130″, so if you choose to wrap it into the traditional u-shape the result will be a little under 5-1/2 feet of support including a place to pillow your head. The Total Body Maternity Pillow is suitable for mothers-to-be who like a lot of flexibility when positioning their pillow.

6. C-Shaped Premium Multi-Position Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow


This C-shape is nearly a B-shape as the outer edges curve first outward then bend inward. As a result, you have the luxury of a little extra width, allowing your knees to be stretched out further from your body if that’s your sleeping style. More spacious than typical U-shaped pillows, it allows you to recline back into the long end as you curl your knees comfortably around the more open side. Firm and thick, rather than soft and squishy, this pillow won’t collapse just because you’re laying on it.

7. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow


A true C-shaped body pillow, the Leachco Snoogle is a comfortable nest shape for mothers who prefer to feel fully supported when lying on their side. The “head pillow” portion is actually more horseshoe shaped, curving in steeply to provide the pillow height that helps to relieve pregnancy-related heartburn. The bottom half of the C curves outward and gives knees the support necessary for a comfortable hip alignment. Once nice feature is that its removable cover is one of the few that doesn’t require a zipper.

8. Oversized Body Pillow/Pregnancy Maternity Pillow


Billed as a “large yet inexpensive pillow,” at 7-1/2 feet long, this is a truly oversized body pillow that can be folded anywhere along its length. Rather than the traditional pregnancy U-shape, it’s simply one long pillow. This lets you support just one side of your body if you prefer not to be completely enclosed. Though firm, the inner fill still permits you to fold one end over to create a pillow area. Or you can stretch the body pillow out completely simply use your everyday pillow. Sturdy and packed full with polyester fill, the Oversized Body Pillow is best for those who like a straight, thick, and firm pillow with some serious support.

9. Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow


The most adjustable of the pregnancy pillows, the Boppy Total Fit has three individual cushions for belly, knees, and head that fit together with Velcro. This allows you to custom configure your pillow throughout each stage of your pregnancy. You can actually create over ten different designs, including the option of using each part separately when you just need minimal support. The individual pieces are each shaped differently and aren’t overstuffed. As a result, the Boppy Custom Fit takes up less space in the bed than any other body length pillow.

10. Boppy Pregnancy Wedge


This little half-circle shaped wedge is the most affordable option. At about 15 x 12 inches, it takes up little space in the bed, which your partner will like. It is also very easy to reposition and can be moved around from your belly to your feet with little trouble as you change positions. Its compact size makes it highly portable and quickly moved from room to room. And when you leave the house, it can even provide lumbar support between the base of your spine and the seat of your car.

Just like bed pillows, pregnancy body pillows come in a wide range of styles and suit an equally broad range of comfort levels. Because of this, it’s important to read the product descriptions carefully. The features you normally find comfortable with your bed pillow may be the same ones you’ll want to look for in a pregnancy pillow. This extra bit of comfort will help you sleep well and awaken refreshed through every stage of your pregnancy.

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