I cannot decide what to eat.. any help?

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    Rosa Williams

    I’m a first time mom, and I’m really confused by all the conflicting information about what’s safe to eat or drink. Before I was pregnant, I’d usually just have a sub sandwich or some tuna for lunch and I guess these are forbidden? Like, I know I’m not supposed to have coffee but are soda or tea OK? I feel silly calling my doctor all the time to ask these questions, and sometimes the nurses tell me different things. I’m getting really frustrated about all the things that I’m told not to do! I’m not trying to go on a bender, I just want a sandwich!

    Lenora Jeffries

    Honestly, giving up your favorite foods while you are pregnant is just the first of many sacrifices you’ll make as a parent. Sorry, I’m not trying to be harsh, but when I was pregnant, I was willing to do anything to make sure my baby was born safe and healthy. My OB gave me a print out of foods to avoid and I followed it to the letter. No lunchmeat, undercooked meat or eggs, or caffeine for nine months. It was tough, but I did it. I tried to eat very healthily during my pregnancy. I ate a lot of grilled chicken and vegetables, yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit. You can do it, mama! You want to start eating well now so you can establish healthy habits and teach your little how to eat healthy too!

    Nicole Spruell

    I swear that the recommendations and restrictions for pregnant women change at least once a year. I was told that I could eat lunch meat if I heated it up first, but the very idea kind of grossed me out. Apparently, the lunch meat prohibition came about after listeria was found in turkey in the 1970s. Now, listeria is nothing to mess around with, but the more recent incidents of listeria tainted food have been in allegedly safe foods and vegetables. I took a common sense approach with my pregnancy, and ate what I normally ate and my baby turned out fine. I even enjoyed the occasional glass of red wine (with my doctor’s permission). Pregnancy is stressful enough without worrying about every bite you put in your mouth.

    Kimberly Black

    We joke in my family that my first baby was made entirely out of cheeseburgers, French fries, and chocolate milkshakes. I craved them so badly when I was pregnant, and everything else made me sick to my stomach. I felt so guilty but my doctor laughed at me when I told her, and she told me that as long as I kept taking my multivitamin, I would be fine. OK, occasionally I would eat some fruits and vegetables, but it was a battle! Just do your best—there are no perfect mamas out there but plenty of perfectly good ones.

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