Placenta previa and C-section?

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    Rachel Hallowell

    I just got back from my OBGYN and I’m not really sure how to process what happened. She told me that I have placenta previa and that I’m probably going to have a C-section. What’s even scarier is that there’s an increased risk of hemorrhage and miscarriage. I’ve never even heard of this condition before and I don’t really understand what it is or means? I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor in a couple weeks but I don’t really know what to do until then. Has anybody ever experienced this before or have any guidance? My partner and I are super scared.

    Debra Stapleton

    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. How scary! I know that a placenta previa is when the placenta blocks the cervix, making a natural delivery extremely unsafe. This happened during my sister’s pregnancy, and she had a scheduled c-section. But both mama and baby were perfectly safe, and she didn’t have any bleeding so it ended well. Look at the bright side—at least your doctors know about the condition and are helping you manage it. Do you have to stay on bedrest or have any exercise restrictions? I think my sister was not supposed to lift more than ten pounds, which meant she had to leave her job sooner than she had initially planned.

    Vanessa Goldstein

    I had a placenta previa too, with my second pregnancy. I did have some minor bleeding and had to be admitted to the hospital for three days for observation. It was really scary, but everything worked out in the end. My placenta eventually migrated upwards, and I ended up having the natural birth I had initially planned. Plus, I got a lot of bonus ultrasounds and it was great to get the extra pictures of my growing little one.

    Shannon Parnell

    I had a previa that completely covered my cervix and I had to get a scheduled c-section. It actually was really straight forward and I was able to breastfeed and meet my baby right away, which was my biggest concern. Definitely talk to your doctor about what your options are. If you have some say in the process, it can be less scary.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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