What strategies did you use to prepare your kids for a new sibling?

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    Donna G. Hagy

    I’m pregnant with my second kiddo and due to give birth in about three weeks. I was wondering how we can make the transition easier for our first-born. He is such a mommy’s boy and has always had my full attention. He’s only two so I don’t think he really understands the change that’s coming. He also has some special needs so that complicates matters as well. What strategies did you use to prepare your kids for a new sibling? Am I overthinking this or should I plan some sort of gift exchange? I’d love to hear what worked for your family.

    Esther Lajoie

    I would prepare your first kid by reading some books about becoming a big brother! Make it an exciting event for him rather than something to dread. I didn’t really do anything else to prep my daughter for the birth of our second kid. You might expect for developmental regression, at least for a time. Your little boy will need reassurance that he is still important and will be taken care of.

    Chynna Phillips

    Can you plan to spend some extra quality time with your son before and after birth? Maybe he can have a special day with your partner or another family member while you are home bonding with the new baby? We also had the baby “give” a teddy bear to our first little. I think it helped smooth the transition somewhat. Your first baby will need some time to adjust to being the big boy, so he might act out. Hopefully it passes soon (but be prepared for sibling rivalry, lol!)

    Jeannie Farrelly

    Once the baby arrives, try to involve your firstborn in baby care as much as possible. He could bring you a diaper or help sing the baby to sleep. One issue that we had was explaining to our oldest is that babies cry to communicate. She thought that crying always meant that the baby was hurting or something was wrong. Explaining that crying is how babies “talk” really helped her understand a bit better. Now they are the best of friends.

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