When did you start feeling your baby kick and move around?

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    Ron Faucheux

    When did you start feeling your baby kick and move around? I’m at 22 weeks and I haven’t felt anything yet. All my checkups have gone OK, and there have been no indications of problems, but I’m starting to get nervous and would just like some reassurance. It is normal to feel no movement so far along in the pregnancy? When did you start feeling your baby kick? I think the pregnancy will seem so much more real once I can feel my little guy moving around in there. I’ve had some gas pains but maybe that’s actually the baby? What did it feel like when your LO started to move?

    Michellie Jones

    I had a very active baby and felt very distinct kicks starting around eighteen weeks, but my midwife and OB team said that was really early. I think it varies a lot from woman to woman, and if your scans have been normal, I would say not to worry, but I know how hard that is. Sometimes when I drank grapefruit juice, my boy would have a real surge of energy! You might try eating something sugary and see if that causes any movement. If you haven’t felt any movement by 24 weeks, I would call your hospital care team and ask for another ultrasound, just to be on the safe side. Sending love!

    Picabo Street

    The first time I felt my baby it felt like there were bubbles popping but they were her little hiccups! Her little movements inside my belly are some of my favorite memories from pregnancy. They were so fluttery like little butterflies. My husband would put his hand over my stomach and just leave it there in awe that our daughter was really growing inside of me. It was so magical. I think the movements started around 21 weeks or so, and sometimes she would be less active, and I would be nervous and call the hospital, but my doctor said that’s perfectly normal.

    Matraca Berg

    My whole pregnancy was such a blur that it’s hard to remember. I forgot to write down the exact date in my pregnancy memory book. Hopefully baby boy understands that his mama just got distracted with other things! I agree with the other poster that as long as your scans are normal, it’s not time to worry yet. Can you describe the gas pains you feel in more detail? Is it pain or more like little gurgles? It’s quite possible that those are actually the baby’s movements, but you just don’t recognize them yet. Your baby’s movements will get much more distinct as your pregnancy progresses.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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