Watch 9 Months of Pregnancy in 4 Minutes

This video is a must watch for all parents. Whether you’re expecting your first baby or have been blessed with many children. The technology that will let us watch a 3D ultrasound is mind blowing. The amazing thing, however, is to watch how two tiny cells grow into a child, with his/her own personality. The miracle of birth is so wonderful it will bring tears to your eyes. Too often the baby is forgotten when we think about pregnancy. We think of it as a female condition, not the amazing life affirming miracle it truly is. The bond of mother and child grows as the baby grows. In the beginning, it is only hers. Her beautiful, special secret. Soon she will tell the father and it will be the couples secret. Eventually, they will tell others, but for awhile it will be theirs and theirs alone. Having a baby is more than an idea, it is the blessing of life. A blessing given uniquely to women, but cherished by all. The most important job in a woman’s life is protecting the tiny life she has been charged with. A life so fragile it cannot survive without its mother. Mothers have known this since Eve.

What is your experience with your pregnancy? Please share for others to learn and know

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